Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"The Value of Nothing" by Raj Patel

I completely don't get this. The author complains that the modern market ideology replaces value with price. But markets don't even work unless we value things differently. It's only when we value something more that its cost (the price) that we buy it; and only when we value the money more than the thing that we sell it.

His main thesis is an empty rhetorical device.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rave: Hillbilly Jawaiian Music

Played at the USF Talent show last night. There I am, jamming backstage on banjo with a Hawaiian Reggae group (plus Kyle O'Brien on mandolin) and I look up, and there are four scantily-clad hula dancers with their little vidcams shooting ME...

Anyway, apparently Hawaiian reggae is called "Jawaiian", so I guess this was "Hillbilly Jawaiian". It was pretty great. The next big thing, mark my words!

Short rant: HP Solution Center

This annoying application constantly warns me that I'm about to run out of ink. Even if I just replaced the ink. It's completely clueless, useless and obtrusive. But I'm afraid to remove it--if I try, it warns me that my printer driver may be screwed up until the end of time.

Naturally, there's nothing on the HP Website about this.

Short rant: Microsoft Explorer

Without being asked, Microsoft Explorer makes itself your default browser if you update it. Lame or what?