Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rave: Hillbilly Jawaiian Music

Played at the USF Talent show last night. There I am, jamming backstage on banjo with a Hawaiian Reggae group (plus Kyle O'Brien on mandolin) and I look up, and there are four scantily-clad hula dancers with their little vidcams shooting ME...

Anyway, apparently Hawaiian reggae is called "Jawaiian", so I guess this was "Hillbilly Jawaiian". It was pretty great. The next big thing, mark my words!

Short rant: HP Solution Center

This annoying application constantly warns me that I'm about to run out of ink. Even if I just replaced the ink. It's completely clueless, useless and obtrusive. But I'm afraid to remove it--if I try, it warns me that my printer driver may be screwed up until the end of time.

Naturally, there's nothing on the HP Website about this.

Short rant: Microsoft Explorer

Without being asked, Microsoft Explorer makes itself your default browser if you update it. Lame or what?